In some applications, especially primary and secondary crushers, even the strongest and heaviest conventional belts can be ripped or torn by large lumps of heavy, sharp objects, either falling from height or becoming trapped. In extreme cases, belts can be destroyed within a matter of weeks or months. The Dunlop solution to this problem is UsFlex, which has a longitudinal rip resistance that is more than five times stronger than multi-ply belts of equivalent rating because of its unique ‘straight-warp’ construction. UsFlex provides impact resistance up to three times greater than that of conventional plied belting. This unequalled toughness means that UsFlex will provide the longest belt life even in the harshest conveying conditions.

Some of the key features of UsFlex include:

■    Unrivalled impact, rip and tear resistance
■    High strength
■    Excellent load support
■    Outstanding troughability


Suitable for use in all areas, especially in high impact conditions and low maintenance environments including the mining, quarry, wood, paper and pulp, recycling, road construction, steel and transshipment industries.


Dunlop UsFlex is available from stock in two tensile strengths; 630/1 6+3 and 1000/2 8+3 in widths up to 2000mm. UsFlex belts are supplied with the abrasion resistant ‘RS’ cover as standard. The Dunlop RS cover grade exceeds the very highest DIN and ISO grades (DIN W and ISO 14890 ‘D ‘). Other tensile strengths and cover qualities can be made to order. Available in widths from 400mm up to 2200mm. 


The UsFlex carcass is based on the straight-warp principal and can be supplied in either single ply or two-ply versions.